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Women and Leadership Australia

Speech given at the Women and Leadership Australia's National 2011 Adelaide Symposium.

Interventions for ICT

Jenine Beekhuyzen talks about the under-representation of women studying and working in Information and Communication Technology careers.

Gender and career aspirations

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor. Rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief. Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. It seems that the sexual division of labour has a lengthy and intriguing history!

Digital activism on a global scale

Lachrista Greco shares her story of feminist activism.


Penises in the pigeon hole

A birdseye view of homophobia.

Little boys big boys

Amanda Keddie examines the ways in which social dynamics interact to define, regulate and maintain dominant and collective understandings of masculinities.

Boys: Getting it right?

Trish Gibson takes a look at the 2002 Commonwealth House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Training report Boys: Getting it right.

When geek becomes chic

This is a personal account of the experiences of Colleen Stieler with girls and Information Technology. Colleen is a female secondary teacher at Nyanda State High School, located in a low socio-economic area of Brisbane’s south.

Funding IT education

Ann Gouge talks about the challenges facing IT managers in schools and the opportunities to apply for financial or resource grants.

Gender and the national curriculum

Prepared by Sue Davis (previously Senior Policy Officer, Gender Equity Unit, Queensland Department of Education) with assistance from Kris McRae and Tony Cook.