Gender up Front

Gender Up Front
Edited by Jennifer Nayler

Strategies for a gender focus across the key learning areas!

The Association of Women Educators' 1997 publication includes teaching materials which:

  • Promote access and equity.
  • Value women and girls and their contributions.
  • Critically examine the impact of the social construction of gender in order to promote more equitable outcomes for all students.

I didn’t want to join the project at first. My principal persuaded me to become involved. I’m really glad that I did because this project has been one of the most worthwhile professional development experiences of my career.

~ Year 7 teacher

The teacher quoted above, is one of over 150 classroom teachers who have been involved in the project. The Developing Gender Inclusive Curriculum Project was funded by the federal government through the National Professional Development Program. Project work (and lots more) has been published in Gender Up Front: strategies for a gender focus across the key learning areas.

What's in Gender Up Front?
Find out how an action research project led Year 3 students to survey the entire population of a Brisbane primary school about their preferences for dinosaurs. Discover how a gender focus and outcomes in critical numeracy were achieved. You'll be amazed and shocked by the findings.

If you would like to know more about critical literacy, you'll appreciate the strategies used in a poetry unit by secondary students at a large metropolitan school. Did the girls find their identities represented in Margret RoadKnight's Girls in our Town? How did Macpoem Time bring critical literacy into the computer rooms?

We've all deconstructed television advertisements, but have we deconstructed the text of the playground? The strategies used by a small school in the Sunshine Coast hinterland were used to do just this. And importantly, their teaching and learning strategies were designed to reconstruct the playground text to promote more socially just educational outcomes.

There's lots of great teaching and learning ideas in Gender Up Front. But you're not in the classroom? Whatever our workplaces, whatever our jobs, we take up gender positions and are positioned according to our gender. Gender Up Front is for everyone.

The purpose of this text is to provide a resource for curriculum innovators who are developing and implementing quality curriculum, that is, curriculum which includes a gender focus. Material has been drawn from an impressive and diverse range of project teacher work over the past two and a half years, as well as input from our university-based colleagues.

If you're looking for the following curriculum support:

  • Teaching ideas across six of the key learning areas (Studies of Society & Environment, English, Technology, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics and Science) including detailed lesson plans and resource lists.
  • Strategies for embedding a gender focus within the key learning areas.
  • Guidelines for planning teaching/learning units, including use of TELSTAR (Tune in, Explore, Look, Sort, Test, Act and Reflect).
  • Resource lists and reasons for pursuing action research, critical literacy, and understanding of the construction of gender and co-operative learning in their classrooms.
  • An easy to read exploration of the theoretical issues within the development of gender inclusive curriculum and the implications for practitioners across the six key learning areas mentioned above.

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Table of Contents
TUNE IN to the issues of putting gender up front.
EXPLORE your own knowledge, attitudes and questions regarding embedding gender within the key learning areas.
LOOK for information which assists teachers’ development and implementation of innovative curriculum.
SORT through AWE project material which includes both detailed units, overviews and our guide to planning frameworks.
TEST the teaching/learning units presented here against some criteria for effective learning and teaching and inclusive curriculum.
ACT upon your findings in Gender Up Front.
REFLECT upon your learnings from Gender Up Front.

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