30th Anniversary Commemorative publication

Download AWE's 30th anniversary commemorative publication for iPad

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Download AWE's 30th anniversary commemorative publication for iPad


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The Association of Women Educators (AWE) is proud to launch this commemorative publication, for the first time, digitally and online! This publication is a special iPad issue marking 30 years of support for feminist leadership and practice in education with a retrospective collection of articles and reports from Redress journals since 1983!

What a delight it has been to sift through and get buried in my collection of Redress journals. It is not an exhaustive representation of the brilliance and passion of our contributors, but one which we believe you’ll be delighted to dip into, and stimulated to reflect, indeed, on how far we have come. More importantly, perhaps, is how far we have to go, and how we need to go together.

~ Maria Delaney, Editor

In this digital edition we also take a look back at the inspiring recipients of the very special Pam Gilbert Award for Gender Equity, founded in 2003 in honour of the outstanding achievements of Professor Pam Gilbert, and present insights into our members, consultant network, projects, publications and more.

This is the first time AWE has produced a multi-touch book for iPad. Partnering with digital media studio Tap Mag, AWE executive hoped to provide members and anyone else interested in the Association's work with a special publication highlighting AWE's work, with exclusive articles from past issues of Redress, consultant spotlights, insights into AWE's programs and projects, membership forms, award nomination forms and more! Download the issue and enjoy, wherever you go, and please take a moment to let us know what you think.

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